Monday, January 27, 2014

MONOPOLY Silicon Valley rules

                                     MONOPOLY Silicon Valley rules:

1) Divide half the properties evenly among the players to start, each player owns these properties outright.

2) Only the Banker starts with money, and may use a copy machine to print himself as much as he likes. Players may refer to the Banker as the "Federal Reserve", "NSA" or "Counterfeiter" if they prefer.

3) All other players start without money and must borrow it from the Banker in the form of a loan, with interest at the rate of 10% to be paid back to the Banker every time they pass go. Also, they shall receive $200 for passing go from the player to their left, $100 of that must be paid to the Banker as income tax. The Banker pays himself as much money as he likes any time he likes.

4) The first player to roll snake eyes becomes "Wall St. Investment Banking" and may borrow as much money from the Banker as they like at any time, interest free. Players may refer to them as "Apple", "Google", "Facebook" or any other term they prefer.

5) The first player to roll snake eyes twice becomes the "U.S.Treasury Department", and takes the place of the Banker, who is now out of the game. The Treasurer does not charge interest on loans, and all debts to the Banker are canceled. The Investment Banker must now borrow money from the other players and is not permitted to borrow money from the Treasury.